Banteay srei temple was built by a Brahmin Yajnavaraha with his younger brother in 967 AD in the middle of 10th century. While at th at period, king Javaraman V was still very young abut 15 years of age, when his father king Rajnadravarman II had died. Thus, all administrative affairs and religious practices include to built temples was under organizad by his guru Brahmin Yajnavaraha. Brahmin Yajnavaraha was also a royal blood who was a grandson of king Hurshavaraman I. Bonteay Srei was a new name which meaning in Khmer is ” Citadel of Woman”. But according to inscrition on the door piers of its structure tell us that the original name of this temple was Isvarapura which meaning in Cambodian is the city of Shiva. Thus, from his origin name we can tell that Bonteay Srei was a Hindu temple and dedicate to Shiva. Bonteay Srei is just only temple in the Angkor period that built of pink and yellow sandstone. The pink and yellow sandstone are high quality meterial more than the gray and green sandstone that used to build of Angkor Wat and Bayon so on. As pink and yellow sandstone are so hard, that is why the carving of Bonteay Srei are still good condition and very exquisite. A French soldier who worked and expertise on geographic department in 1914 rediscovered Bonteay Srei temple site. Then in 1924, ten years after they know its location, Mr Henri Marchal a French architect in the Angkor Conservation Department was sent to study a method of anastylosis with Dutch in Borobudur temple of Indonesia. Becuase at the time Dutch restored Borobudur temple in a system of anastylosis. Anastylosis is Greece words that mean, ” when a pillar had fallen down, they have to raise its pillar back to its origin spot”. It is also meaning that the anastylosis system is avoid to use the new material and avoid to carve the same detail from its origin as well. Mr Henri Marchal was getting a great success for his job of restoration Bonteay Srei temple for about 10 years. We noticed that when they saw Bonteay Srei before restoration in completely collapsed and shrouded by jungle. Saying that Mr. Henri Marchel faced a difficult security proplem with Khmer Isarak who struggled in gorilla war fought against French colonial during his teams worked in Bonteay Srei. That why some part of this temple is never done. But now the Swiss teams will continue the restoration from French.