Beng Mealea Temple
“The Mealea Pool”
Date: Late 11th – first half of 12th century
Cult: Brahmanic
Research by: J. de Mecquenem in 1913
Beng Mealea is one of the largest ensembles in the Angkor region, covering an area – within its 45m.00 wide moats that cover a distance of 4,200m all around – of 108 hectares, and comparable therefore of its plan, the harmonious equilibrium of its composition and the sense of the monumental, given effect by the large clear surfaces – the decoration is simple and animated only in certain areas, and so shown to particular advantage.
Platforms, bases and capitals, – cornices underlined with a single frieze, – the tympanums of the frontons and devatas are the main elements of an ornamentation that is generally discreet while maintaining excellent quality.