Dear All tourist
Thank you for contacting me. I am native to Siem Reap and happy to share the many fine qualities this area has to offer. Let me begin by sharing some general information for visiting Angkor Wat and introducing my standard tour itineraries. Please note that all prices are expressed in United States dollars (USD) and it is for the car include gasoline and driver only not per person and not include ant fee,
1. To enter the temple, the government charges $20 for a one day visit, $40 for two and three day visits and $60 for a one week visit. (Bellow 12 years old is fee)
2. My English skills are comparable to the temple’s tour guides and I’m happy to explain many things while we’re driving. However, I am not a licensed local tour guide and therefore cannot accompany you inside the temple. At your discretion, you may explore the temple with or without a licensed local tour guide. Please note that for all tours, I stock cold beverages in my car for your enjoyment.
3. The rate to hire an English-speaking licensed local tour guide is $25 per day and I’m happy to arrange for a guide if you want one.
4. My normal hire rate is $25/day (i.e. for the city tour, big or small tour) and additional charges apply for some temples outside the Angkor area (e.g. Banteay Srey (37Km) and Beng Mealea (65Km)). Below are some of my standard itineraries, designed to be flexible for nearly any schedule. Please choose one

Welcome To Private car Six Day Tour itineraries:

Six days tour: ( Option 1 )
Day One: Visit bird sanctuary Prek Toal and Cambodia Silk farm at Purk
Day Two: Start at 7:30am.=>Beng Melea(75km) << the entrance fee is $5 each person >> 4:30pm get the pass for the next three days=>Sunset at Phnom Backeng,
Day Three: Start at 8:30am.=> -Visit south gate of Angkor Thom with two rows of its huge statues of demons and gods depicting the churning of the ocean of milk arranged on both sides of stone bridge and Bayon temple, a forest of heads, built in late of12th century by king Jayavarman VI as a Buddhist state temple. Then, visit terrace of elephant, which used to be a base for the king’s grand audience hall; Terrace of Leper king supposed that it was a terrace housed the royal crematory.
==>Visit Ta Keo – an unfinished state temple for unknown reason. Ta Keo temple was built in early 11th century by King Jayavarman V and dedicated to god Shiva. Then visit an amazing view of Ta prohm Temple which has been deliberately left as it was discovered. In Ta Prohm kapok trees clasp the sanctuaries in their mighty roots, visit Srah Srang (royal bath), Banteay Kdei, and a Buddhist monastic complex built in 12th century, – Visit Prasat Kravan, a brick temple built in 10th century.
Day Four: Start at 08:30 =>-Visit Pre Rup temple, a classic example of temple-mountain, and the last without continuous galleries; Eastern Mebon, Ta som, Neak Pean, a unique ancient hospital built in the reign of king Jayavarman VI (1181-1220) which has been seen as a representation of Anavatapta, a miraculous lake in Himalayas that cures all illnesses; and Preah Khan, a large temple built on the site of battle that ended in Ankor’s downfall at the land of the Cham. Preah Khan was also really a kind of university, housing a number of masters and students => -Visit Angkor wat, the most balanced, the most harmonious, and the most perfect Khmer temple. It shows Khmer art, which reached the height of it glory in the 12th century. The temple is a temple-mountain and was built by king Suryavrman II.
Day Five: Start at 05:00 am ==>Sunrise at Angkor Wat=> Visit Banteay Srei Temple, a tiny temple complex consider by many visitors to be the highest achievement in art and architecture of the Classic Angkor civilization. The glory of Banteay Srei is the beauty of its sculpture and decoration. The pink sandstone used in its buildings makes this temple more beautiful. On the way back to the town you will visit Banteay Samre, Built in 12th in Angkor wat stile => Visit Roluos Group, dating from the late ninth century. In Roluos Group you will visit three temples: Bakong, the first temple-mountain in Khmer architecture initiated by Jayavarman II on his discent from Kulen hill; Preh Ko, which means in Khmer “The sacred ox”, the funerary of Jayavarman II and of the ancestors of his second successor, Indravarman; Lolei, the last brick temple in the group located on an island in the middle of the Indratataka – a large ancient reservoir.
Day Six: Visit the water fall Phnom Kulen (55Km)

The price is $235 (price for air-conditioning car, gasoline and driver only ) additional $5 for Kbal Spean.
*** Place that can free additional a/Old Market, Night Market, b/Artisans D’Angkor c/Kompong Phhluk d/Traditional Apsara Dancing preferment it start at 06:30pm show at the four star restaurant the ticket $12 per person include buffet.

Cold beverages supplied with the car.
Please choose one Itinerary or let me know if you are interested in working with me or if I can offer any additional information. If you book a tour with me, I’m happy to pick you up (free of charge) and return you to your hotel. Please specify the best time and location for pick up and provide flight details if applicable.